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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mindy Kaling Do You Want To Want Me?!

I can’t imagine a better ringtone for Mindy on Morgan’s phone than “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo. Well done, Mindy Project writers.
Bravo The Mindy Project writers! Bravo indeed!!

So there I am, watching the third episode of Season 4 of The Mindy Project, loving life, when suddenly, the amazing happens. Nurse Morgan's phone rings when Mindy calls, and people... the ringtone is JASON DERULO'S "WANT TO WANT ME." This happens not once, but twice in this magical episode.

The simplest explanation is that Mindy Kaling is indepedently a Jason Derulo fan and this has nothing to do with me.

However, when I layer assumption upon assumption, I reach a more outrageous and gratifying conclusion. Could it be, that this was a shout-out from Mindy/her writers? I have no concrete basis to think so, but I did write this post earlier in April dedicated to my girl. 

Also, I tweeted the incredible Charlie Grandy, the writer of Episode #403, and he actually acknowledged my existence!

Call me a megalomaniac but Mindy... could it be you don't hate me? Maybe you even like me? Maybe you're just messing with me. Even if Mindy is absolutely oblivious to me, perhaps our psychic antennas tuned in to the same universal frequency for a moment in time, when this hot single by Jason Derulo was playing? Please know, whatever the case, I love it. Thank you.   

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