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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Jason Derulo Love Test

Listen carefully to the lyrics of this song ("Want To Want Me"):

Now, if you can't imagine your man feeling these lyrics about you, you should seriously question your relationship.

You should literally (or in other words) be able to envision your man saying this:
"Girl, you're the one I want to want me,
And if you want, hey Girl you got me,
There's nothing I, Girl, I wouldn't do... just to get up next to you."

Ask yourself:
When you wear nothing but a smile, does he fall to the floor?
Does just the thought of you get him so high?
In the back of the cab, would he tip the driver ahead of time and ask, get me there fast?
Would he do anything and everything just to get up next to you?

Ring the alarm if the answers are:
He takes a rain check on that.
He's the only one among the two of you who does not actually know if you're dating.
He has ever pointed out blemishes questioning what's on your face.
He critiques your fashion sense and advises that you should dress better.
He peppers his criticism with acknowledgments of your talent to bolster his credibility and your affections.
You actually believe that his generous critiquing is a testament to your best friendship. However, he is quite insecure about you returning the favor. 
Every now and then, he is uncharacteristically effusive in his admiration of other women and you enthusiastically echo his sentiments so as to not seem petty.
You are the butt of his jokes because he "loves" you.
You don't witness him making similar jokes about those he respects (especially other men).

It's about time you had a man make you feel the way Jason Derulo sings. 

There's nothing the man who is worthy of you wouldn't do just to get up next to you Mindy!


  1. umm... I don't Mindy is going to appreciate this post very much either... although it's on point

    1. Thanks for commenting! We hope one day she'll learn to love us.