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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why Mindy Blocked Us On Instagram

So, as typical when getting dumped, we asked ourselves why? Why did @mindykaling block us on Instagram?

Didn't we make her happy?
Didn't she see how good we were together?
How could she do this to us?
Don't you know you'll always be my baby.
And we'll linger on...

Then, we started connecting the dots... and it was like we had pictures(oftext) in our mind... and we could see how it all could have gone down.

INT: Ladurée (pretentious, excuse us, adorable French luxury bakery, in Soho, NY) - TWILIGHT

Our heroine, Mindy Kaling, shares a baby pink macaroon confection with her "it's complicated"-ex & BFF B.J. Novak.

Easy and breezy, Mindy brings up our post "Leading Lady & the Ex-Factor" -which she may or may not have been stewing over since it was brought to her attention.

Mindy : "Blah blah blah... so isn't that kinda obnoxious actually? Right?"

*This pic not actually from Laduree

B.J.: "Am I the only man here? Am I the only man that has EVER been here?"

Mindy: Yea, so, who is E.T.?

B.J.: What are you talking about?

Mindy: "If we were like E.T. and Elliot, who's E.T.?"

B.J.: "This is absurd."

Mindy: "Actually, it is absurd isn't it? I mean, if E.T. and Elliot were anything like us, E.T. wouldn't be the charming alien beloved by us all. He'd be like some big, creepy, extraterrestrial child predator, and with that freaky, long, glowing finger, no, GROSS... that's just disgusting B.J.!"

B.J.: [Dull look]

Mindy: "Stop looking at me like that. I hate when you look at me like that."

B.J.: [Eye roll]

Mindy: "Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to overreact. I mean, if it had bothered me, I would have called you out on it in like October 2014... Obviously, I know what you meant..."

B.J.: "Great."

Mindy: "Clearly, you're E.T."

B.J.: "How am I E.T.?"

Mindy: "What do you mean how are you E.T.? How am I E.T.??!"

B.J.: "So, you're the 10-year old little white kid?"

Mindy: "I'd rather be a boy than a hideous extraterrestrial!!!"

B.J.: "E.T. isn't hideous."

Mindy: "Oh, right, and I bet you share a great and terrible chemistry with him too?! Give me a break!"

B.J.: "E.T. is magical."

Mindy: "What the hell are you saying?"

B.J.: "E.T. saves Elliot from dying, leaves a giant rainbow in the sky and everyone is sad when E.T. goes."

Mindy: "...Really?" 

B.J.: [Dull look]

Mindy: "You think I'm magical..."

B.J.: [Dull look]

Mindy: "Awwwwww... you love me! You wanna kiss me! You wanna have my glow-in-the-dark alien babies!"

B.J.: [Eye roll]

Mindy: "Oh B.J.! Let's never let a stupid no-name rando fan blog come between us again!"

@manformindy BLOCKED.

And they all lived happily ever after!


  1. This is so freaking funny!!!!!

    1. Thank you whoever you are kind stranger!

  2. I think BJ had a hand in it. Haven't you noticed how possessive he's become since you started you innocent and fun quest? He's like ALWAYS taking her out now on dates as "friends". I think he waited for her to go to bathroom, took phone and BAM! BLOCKED yo ass!

    That's MY theory, but yours is equally as likely :)

    1. Yes! Your theory seems highly plausible! We too note the recent flurry of BJ-Mindy activity! What's up with that!? I think he was intimidated by the hotness of our bachelors!

    2. Well he's only human. I'm afraid intimidating other males is a curse I've had to live with all my life 😉

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    1. Thank you for your feedback! I hope that link you've shared isn't to a virus. It's a virus isn't it?

  4. Haha I wish you still blogged on here. You are a great writer and your perspectives are spot-on.

    1. Dear Anonymous - how sweet to receive your comment after I've been MIA for so long. Thank you! I really appreciate your message. Maybe I will revisit posting on this blog sometime. In the meantime, I tweet all sorts of nonsense (non-Mindy man-hunting related) on my twitter: @manformindy

  5. I came across your blog after reading 'Is Everyone Hanging Out' and googling what Brenda Withers is up to these days. Why your site is at the top of that list is puzzling, but I did read the few posts that appeared as a result. I must say, the site is thoroughly disturbing, and I don't blame Mindy for blocking you on Instagram (a page in itself that seems to be mostly an accumulation of your tangential brushes with celebrity on Twitter). Between the blog and corresponding social media accounts, it's pretty clear that you have too much time on your hands.

    Creating scenarios as to why Mindy maintains certain friendships (or doesn't) or makes acknowledgements in her books (or doesn't) is so very high school. Unless of course you are in high school, in which case this blog makes total sense now. What I'm saying is that you're looking wayyyy too much into the life of a person you admittedly don't know. Has it occurred to you that perhaps Brenda is just a more private person? One does not delete all social media accounts because of a fallout with a friend. They do it as a personal choice. She appears to still be a playwright but on a smaller scale and with almost no IMDB credits. Perhaps that is by design and not the snubbing of a friend who became more famous. That would also lead to her not appearing in Mindy's later books, which are, quite frankly, business projects. I'm sure you have a tenuous grasp on business at best, but if someone is not part of a project, why would they be thanked at the end? You don't write a book and then thank every person you've ever known for helping you with it. Similarly in any other job, if you work on a project, you thank those related to it once it's complete. You don't call up your college best friend to thank them.

    Anyway, your blog is super creepy and I just felt the need to say something. I really think you should explore your own actual life more and write about that. Or perhaps get into fiction, where you can create characters that do anything you want rather than speculating what goes on in other people's actual lives.

    1. Mindy!???? (or Brenda…)

      I just know it’s you my dear!

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtfully crafted comment on my defunct blog. Of course, my blog is creepy… because I’m a creep and I wish I was special and you’re so very special.

      I also truly appreciate your advice, not only because you’re totally right, but because I read into the subtext that you would not have offered it if you thought I couldn’t write. So I accept it as a compliment.

      It has always been easier for me to write about the celluloid celestials who have captured my fancy (or my ire), with whom I am fascinated, unfettered by the restraints of meaningful connection, though consequently insubstantial. Few would pay any mind to such cotton candy musings, but that precious company would include you (Mindy!!??).

      It is far more challenging to explore and reveal my own life, or for fiction- to fish out the jig saw puzzle pieces from the grainy television in my mind, though we agree these enterprises would be more worthwhile – more fulfilling, with higher return and hopefully better appreciated, including in my wildest dreams, by those I admire like Mindy Kaling. Though I stopped writing this blog to divert all the time, which, as you note I use too frivolously, towards more noble efforts, I remain as frivolous and unproductive. This is disappointing to me more than anyone.

      By the way, I should at least update that Brenda Withers post to reflect this:

      One of my readers (I have readers??) messaged to alert me to this Instagram post from November 2016 – I remain blocked. I unabashedly suppose that my blog post, in its puzzling state of obscure visibility, may have led to a fantastic reconciliation between old friends. I also proudly claim any contribution towards B.J. Novak owning (in my mind) the sketchiness of his public statements as they related to his relationship with Mindy and believe he has since made amends (all in my beautiful mind). And even if these remain the delusions of a weirdo, it still led you to comment here.

      Thank you.