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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Things I'd Like To See In TMP Season 4 - Bollywood Musical

When Danny finally meets Mindy's parents, why not make a Bollywood musical out of it? Hey, when in India?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Things I'd Like To See In TMP Season 4 - How Do You Solve A Problem Like Tamra

Let us pray.
I'd really like the writers to retool what they're doing with Tamra. 

To me, Tamra is just the token "other than Mindy" minority irregular. However, TMP Writers Team, and I say this with love and continued admiration for your strong work - none of you guys are black, right? I'm not saying you have to be, but EGADS is it obvious whenever Tamra opens her mouth. I feel I'm watching the composition of well-meaning white people who once had black best friends in kindergarten now with the liberty of working under a minority female showrunner who was probably considered the only black kid (other than Duante) growing up in her private school in Cambridge. 

I don't even have an issue with race-y humor. I love when Mindy fuels humor without shying away from being ethnically Indian. It's just tired when you have a basketball team and Tamra is dominating (contrast against the genius of The Office's "Basketball" episode; the Rayron reveal was similarly delightful). It would also be another thing if Tamra made me laugh - but no, she doesn't (save Glob!). 

I googled this to see if I was the only one and found this article which I thought was spot on.  

I recall that The Office producer Greg Daniel once said about Mindy Kaling as a writer: "She’s very original....If anything feels phony or lazy or passé, she’ll pounce on it.”

Mindala, that's all I'm asking for when it comes to Tamra. Thanks yo.

Things I'd Like To See In TMP Season 4

Junior is coming!
I don't want Mindy & Danny to get back together right away. Shocker. As much as I love Mindy & Danny, I want Season 4 to clear any doubt that their relationship is progressing simply because Mindy got knocked-up. I'd love for Mindy, who has been so desperate for love, especially with Danny, to finally realize her worth! I want her to make Danny work for it.

Even though it made for great TV, Mindy got over Danny asking her to leave his family's dinner way more quickly than I did in the Season 3 episode "Dinner at the Castellanos." What if she hadn't been pregnant? Would that have been okay then? He didn't even apologize for it so much as rush into a proposal on the basis of her being pregnant, that we realize in the Season 3 finale he didn't even wholeheartedly mean.

Television viewers may not realize it themselves but do you know what we live for - anticipation. Season 3 had less of it because Mindy & Danny were finally a couple (haters!) - but it would be great to bring that back in Season 4. The last thing I think I want to see is Danny return from India and for him and Mindy to pick right back up again from where they left off before he dissed her. 

Here are scenarios that could be played around with:

1) Danny comes back from India ready to make a full commitment but now Mindy isn't ready to take him back, to Danny's disbelief. 

2) Mindy wants Danny to remain in her life and be her best friend co-parent. Danny agrees but secretly yearns for her and wants her back. He finally realizes that he took for granted having Mindy romantically but now he's facing the reality that he may have lost her as his love.

3) Mindy and Danny plan for the arrival of their baby, and this continues to bond them - kind of like Rachel and Ross on Friends before they realize they should be together. Wait, is this too much like Rachel and Ross?

4) Pregnant Mindy should meet a great guy who wants to date her, and this should infuriate Danny (what kind of pervert wants to start a relationship with a pregnant woman!?). This great guy should be really great (not like the dopey and completely unbelievable Rachel prospect, Joey). Let's get some good love triangle action going. As you can see, I really want to give Danny the pain.

5) Of course, Mindy has to go into labor in a most ridiculous and inopportune setting. When Danny comes to her rescue, and in the glorious aftermath of the birth of Lahiri-Castellano Jr., great guy third wheel realizes he's not the one and backs off. However, Mindy still isn't ready. This also baffles Danny. She still feels that Danny's desire for commitment is because of their son and not because of her, and she is worried about upsetting their new family if things don't work out between them in the long-run.

6) The wonderful hi-jinks of Mindy and Danny and newborn baby raising. Of course, we need Grandma Anette in the mix and Mindy to assert herself as the mom.

7) The new family is doing great and Mindy and Danny are growing closer than ever. Suddenly, Mindy suspects Danny is talking to a new woman. This really eats at her. She follows Danny one day and finds new woman interacting with Danny & Junior, with new woman even holding Junior, and Mindy is like "Hell no!"

8) Ultimately, we learn that Danny was planning the ultimate proposal for Mindy. His proposal and commitment to Mindy finally wins her over, and she agrees to marry him - leaving the wedding to Season 5.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Friends, I have done it! 

I have watched every episode of the three seasons of the Mindy Project, completing my TMP-a-thon. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have an even deeper appreciation for the show, Mindy and her team.

So, where are the rest of my reviews (you are likely not asking)? 

Somewhere along the line, I wanted to simply appreciate the show and not be distracted by reviewing it. Eventually, the notion of reviewing became unappealing. It was like falling in love and then telling your beloved that they could stand to lose fifteen pounds. What kind of asshole does that? So what if I cringe almost every time Tamra has a line (save "Glob" - that was perfection) and the lackluster character development of Danny's ex Christina and her even more meh portrayal by Chloe Sevigny (okay, I am that asshole), when there were so many more glorious offerings, such as the Deslaurier brothers, Rhea Perlman as Mama Castellano, "Harry & Sally" and "Harry & Mindy," Peter Prentice, and of course, Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri.

Kudos to Mindy and her team. Shout-outs include:

Mindy - You are a force. Of my favorite episodes of all three seasons, you were often the writer (as was the case with The Office). Truly impressive. 

Tracy Wigfield - I'd be mid-watching certain episodes and think - this is tight. I'd look up the writer after watching, and sure enough, it was you. You have a special brilliance for integrating side plots. 

Lang Fisher - It has always been a dream of mine to get down to "All Night Long" at a wedding - how did you know? "Wedding Crushers" was beautifully crafted and brought me much joy. To me, this was also the break-out episode for Peter Prentice and cemented his friendship with Mindy Lahiri.

Matt Warburton - "In the Club" is one of my all-time favorite episodes of the show. You're hot.

Jeremy Bronson - The wonderfully demented mind behind such delights as "Indian BBW."

Jack Burditt -  Here's my complaint: Why wasn't there more from this man in Season 3? This guy is consistently excellent.

Charlie Grandy - Timothy Olyphant as "Sk8er Man" was comedic genius. Also, "I Slipped" was groundbreaking for network television - you dirty boy. I also loved "Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer," "Christmas" and pretty much everything else from you. 

Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen - "Mindy's Minute" was awesome. I want to put you two in my pocket and take you with me wherever I go.

Chris Schleicher -  So young, so talented, and so supple.

Alina Mankin - Rising star of comedic writing - I called it right here.

I eagerly await Season 4, especially after this breaking news.

Friday, July 3, 2015

TMP-a-thon: Season 1: Episode 6 - "Thanksgiving" & WTF FOX!?

3.5 Golden Rings

  • Mindy's Thanksgiving, including: the free falling return of Dennis; Geeta alternate-Indian girl competition; even Gwen.

It's really something when a lonely man (Danny) and a mouse outshine Jeremy & Betsy's relatively dull Thanksgiving. The latter could have been enhanced if they had already had sex -sounds kinky crazy, but see my earlier review. It's not necessary that they have continued a sexual relationship, but even a secret, one-afternoon stand could have enhanced Betsy's rebelling against her little girl family role and her subsequent heart-to-heart with Jeremy. I just feel Betsy could be stretched past the mostly predictable one dimension we're getting, which is a shame because the actress who plays her is quite delightful.

Fox definitely aired episodes out of order! Episode 11 "Bunk Bed" clearly should have been aired before this one, as it explains how Gwen broke her arm and why Mindy assumes responsibility for Thanksgiving cooking to make it up to her. Without "Bunk Bed," Gwen's Thanksgiving expectations seem demanding/don't make as much sense. The episodic disruption also impairs the audiences' appreciation of their best friendship, which weakens the foundation for the very funny fight that erupts between Mindy and Gwen during Thanksgiving. 

"Bunk Bed" probably should have aired before the "Halloween" episode as well (although Gwen's arm wasn't in a cast that episode)- this would have fleshed out supporting characters so they'd seem less like hollow plot devices, thereby making me less critical of both Gwen and poor sweet Riley in that episode.  

It's a shame to realize that the writers of the show thoughtfully invested in developing these (fringe) characters and their relationships, which shouldn't be undervalued even in a comedy, but the way the episodes aired gives the unfair impression that this was neglected or haphazard. It's like the difference between Dave Chappelle and me telling Dave Chappelle jokes, when I'm drunk and don't really remember anything but the punchlines - but Dave Chappelle happens to be watching and is like, dude, that's not even the way that joke goes. Dave Chapelle then proceeds to tell the set-up but is interrupted by a commercial break. Then he dies... and critics are like, maybe he wasn't diverse enough or funny enough? How dare they speak ill of the dead, especially a comedy legend. The greater tragedy is the audience never even knows all the laughter they missed out on. But then, three days later Dave is resurrected on Hulu (or returns from a trip to Africa, whatever), so we're all saved! Glory Hallelujah!