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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Mindy Project-a-thon...

So, I would never run a marathon - at least, not unless I was under some sort of major duress. Even then, despite my most ardent intentions, whatever disaster hinged on my completing that marathon is most certainly erupting. You could give me days... the world and its inhabitants are still doomed.

However, I'm all about great television binge-watching marathons! Yes, when it comes to this sport, I am an Olympian and real life hero.

So, in honor of Mindy and her writing team regrouping to work on the upcoming Season 4, I decided to watch every episode of The Mindy Project ("TMP"), starting from the Pilot which aired in 2012! I signed up for a Hulu membership (which, by the by, offers a free one week-trial) to support the savior of our beloved's show.

I plan to not only watch, but review, every single episode on my blog. Now, this won't be a true marathon because life will interrupt me spending the weekend on my couch (where my heart and ass long to be). This will be more like a leisurely stroll (with high risk of meandering off-course) and not a lean, mean, Kenyan-machine.  

As an aside, I recently saw a clip of Mindy and Tracey Wigfield, her friend and writing team member on The Mindy Project, attend an "Entourage-a-thon." They went to support their TMP buddy, Adam Pally, who was MIA. The comedian subjecting himself to this live torture came off less comedic and more slowly dying experimental lab rat, having been sleep-deprived for something like 30 hours at that point. It was so entertaining (for a weirdo voyeur like me) to see the superbly awkward interaction among polite and engaging Mindy, her "bestie" rather than employee Tracey, the zombie host, his oddly unfriendly or socially awkward wife, and his upbeat/trying to pick up the slack friends. 

By the way Trace, some wing-woman advice - next time, be smoother about not blowing up your girl's spot when she's covertly asking you the time (forgetting repeatedly that you're not wearing a watch) so she can savvily gauge whether you have satisfied your obligation so you both may make a graceful exit.      

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