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Saturday, June 27, 2015

TMP-a-thon: Season 1: Episode 2 - "Hiring and Firing"

5 Golden Rings

"She earned this."

Strengths include "Upper Body" plus:
  • Introducing the Mindy Project Theme Song!
  • Subway narration beginning and "Yea. I'm happy" ending
  • Beverly
  • Seth Meyers as Bookstore guy & Mindy's high-maintenance yogurt standards
  • Chocolate fountain in "Mindala's" office meeting
  • Female best friend dynamic (even with poor Gwen) - it's a shame this couldn't be preserved in the series
  • Mindy's "Librarian in a Porno" look
  • everything!!! Mindy & Danny (handshake versus verbally... hahaha)
  • Mindy-clone Claire
  • Nurse hiring and introducing "You're not a black woman" "Ransom" Morgan Tookers: "Remember, doggy-style only."


Um... what happened to the Bookstore guy? 

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