Mindy Kaling has beauty, brains and smashing success. Now, join us on our mission to find her Mr. Right and make the rom-com happy ending of her dreams come true!

She's Just A Girl, Standing In Front of a Boy, Asking Him To Love Her...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

Time for a Love Revolution!

Stay tuned for Bachelor #2! 
#ollyollyoxenfree #britishinvasion

Thanks to cheyanne for her fantastic recommendation!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bachelor Number 1 - Aaron's Instrument

We profiled Bachelor Number 1, Aaron from Boston earlier this week - here's our Instagram update on this hunky love prospect.

Mindy, can you already hear what his body is saying to yours? 

It's not the size of the ukelele (?) that matters but whether your lover has a slow hand with an easy touch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bollywood Dreams

Just because Mindy is of Indian descent, that doesn't mean she watches Bollywood movies.

Yet, loving romantic comedies and not watching Bollywood movies is like loving chocolate but eating it one small dark chocolate square at a time and never like this:

For Mindy, the idea of falling in love has probably evolved from John Cusack blaring Peter Gabriel on a boombox outside a bedroom window; 
to chatting unwittingly with your misunderstood arch-nemesis/modern-day Mr. Darcy over AIM (AOL Instant Messenger for all you children of the 21st century);
to mutual entrenchment with your pal and forever teammate;
and maybe even some magical combination of the above.

Would Mindy ever imagine love as frolicking in the rain with a man who not only sings the same heart-song but knows all the choreography? 

Clouds rain on everyone but what fun to look at love actually from another side now!

Mindy & her co-star Bollywood Mega-Star SRK

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Insta-Highlight - "No New Friends"

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Finale Tonight

Amantes Sunt Amentes!

The Mindy Project Finale - Landslide Test & the Fusebox Heart

Don't miss the third season finale of The Mindy Project tonight on FOX!

By the way, since this blog's inception, here's some fun feedback we've received:

In The Know says:
Nobody cares about your astroturf blog. #publicrelationsfail


Dear In the Know(?),
Why hate on astroturf? It saves water and is low maintenance. 

Julienne says:
Does anybody watch that show?


We wish! Looks like someone needs to call ConEd.
Mindy's Landslide Test will take you down first model Cylon.*

*..I find it extremely impossible not to cry when I hear Stevie Nicks's "Landslide," especially the lyric: "I've been afraid of changing, because I've built my life around you." I think a good test to see if a human is actually a robot/android/cylon is to have them listen to this song lyric and study their reaction. If they don't cry, you should stab them through the heart. You will find a fusebox.” ― Mindy Kaling


Check out the April 2015 cover girl of Boston Magazine, which just happened to be mailed to our very own Bachelor #1!

If only dream(girl)s could be delivered like magazines!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Very First Bachelor - Hello Aaron!

We are pleased to profile our first dashing candidate who would love to romance Mindy Kaling.

Introducing Aaron from Boston, MA (Mindy, we know you love your New England white boys).

Age - 33
Height - 5'9"
Weight - 160 lbs
Education - B.A. in Sociology
Occupation - Fish Monger (do you like seafood?) and Pharmaceutical Sales (not a philandering Viagra rep)

Think dreamy, blue-eyed Will from "Good Will Hunting" without the math genius but also minus the childhood trauma. He wouldn't be afraid to tell you he loved you (Skylar) and would never break up with you on Oprah (Minnie).

Seeing this picture of Aaron tenderly holding this baby, how could Mindy not get a glimpse into her own possible future? Mindy, imagine him fathering your own darling biracial Asian children.

A rugged outdoorsman, Aaron volunteers with Wilderness Volunteers and will be co-leading a service adventure through the canyons of Southern Utah next month. 

Supporting environmental conservation efforts, here's Aaron felling Russian olive trees stifling Utah's Escalante River with his massive pulaski!

Now, while glamorous Mindy may not be similarly inclined to "rough it," just think of how useful a guy like this could be in a zombie apocalypse (may it never come to pass).

Especially with his big guns!

Obviously, he has a sense of humor too! 

A comedic genius like Mindy could truly appreciate Aaron's unique talent for impersonations - modern day Presidents (Dubya, Clinton, Obama), ALL the Seinfeld characters, Larry David, every SNL character played by Will Ferrell, NPR talk show host Tom Ashbrook, sportscaster Marv Albert, Celtics' Tommy Heinsohn, NYPD Blue Detective Sipowicz... 

and Michael Jackson, including the dance moves (but no creepy slumber parties).

Our Overall "ManforMindy" Assessment:
Mindy, this man is an apple who would let you take a bite. Why not let him do you that way?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Blog That Was Never A Book...

Will it end Happily Ever After?!

Of course it will! Maybe thanks to YOU!

Don't be shy! Email with your picks for Mr. Kaling (ew, not her dad! her soul-mate, a man so secure and unthreatened by her success that he would actually love being referred to by her surname!) 

Select candidates will be profiled on this site!


"Mindy Kaling is better than Pretty Little Liars."
-@rvsnazzy (thanks to @ang_alyssa04)


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Ice Cream Castles in the Air: One Single Gal Hopes for Prince Charming

Vera Mindy Chokalingam was born on June 24, 1979, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Avu, an architect (the designated rom-com profession of the "handsome, charming, successful man"* and psuedo career of George Costanza) and Dr. Swati Chokalingam (an accomplished ob/gyn, possibly the female Dr. Huxtable**).

*as noted by Mindy in her New York Times best-seller, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

** beloved 80's/pre-rapey-Cosby association 

*Not actually Mindy but as precious as she must have been.

A precocious child with a dark chocolate Punky Brewster face, Mindy shunned strangers after being scared shitless by Kimberly's kidnapping and the unrelated but also traumatizing Bicycle Man on Different Strokes
*Mindy childhood collage of happiness and dreams. Pics owned by Mindy's parents.

Ever the eternal optimist, Mindy dreamed of growing out her hair, picking out her own clothes and falling in love with an older college boy. Devastated by Sandy's death on Growing Pains, Mindy took solace in comedy. 

Comedy meant more than a good laugh. 

Comedy meant freedom - the night when she could finally stay up past curfew to watch SNL as it aired live from New York City and not in reruns on Comedy Central. Ironically, now she's too happening to bother. Shame on them for not actually getting Mindy to host yet!

Comedy meant friendship - "Wayne's World! Party Time! Excellent! Schwing!"

Comedy meant acceptance - through a powerful amulet she lost in a past life, Mindy cast a spell to become the most popular girl - and that shit worked!  

Rom-Comedy (with a smattering of sci-fi if it involved David Duchovny) meant love. The man of her dreams would make her feel like "Sally" not faking it for her very own dirty "Harry" (Billy not Clint) and would rival Colin (English to marry; Irish to screw/kill).   

Now, we're on a mission to cast the part of a lifetime. If you think you're the hero of Mindy's love story, comment here or email telling us why. Then we'll feature your profile here on this site. Who knows what may come of it? Would Mindy even take notice? Stranger things have been documented - like everyone knowing the Thriller choreography and actually joining Jennifer Garner in this scene of 13 Going on 30 (yes, that more so than the movie's base premise).