Mindy Kaling has beauty, brains and smashing success. Now, join us on our mission to find her Mr. Right and make the rom-com happy ending of her dreams come true!

She's Just A Girl, Standing In Front of a Boy, Asking Him To Love Her...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Very First Bachelor - Hello Aaron!

We are pleased to profile our first dashing candidate who would love to romance Mindy Kaling.

Introducing Aaron from Boston, MA (Mindy, we know you love your New England white boys).

Age - 33
Height - 5'9"
Weight - 160 lbs
Education - B.A. in Sociology
Occupation - Fish Monger (do you like seafood?) and Pharmaceutical Sales (not a philandering Viagra rep)

Think dreamy, blue-eyed Will from "Good Will Hunting" without the math genius but also minus the childhood trauma. He wouldn't be afraid to tell you he loved you (Skylar) and would never break up with you on Oprah (Minnie).

Seeing this picture of Aaron tenderly holding this baby, how could Mindy not get a glimpse into her own possible future? Mindy, imagine him fathering your own darling biracial Asian children.

A rugged outdoorsman, Aaron volunteers with Wilderness Volunteers and will be co-leading a service adventure through the canyons of Southern Utah next month. 

Supporting environmental conservation efforts, here's Aaron felling Russian olive trees stifling Utah's Escalante River with his massive pulaski!

Now, while glamorous Mindy may not be similarly inclined to "rough it," just think of how useful a guy like this could be in a zombie apocalypse (may it never come to pass).

Especially with his big guns!

Obviously, he has a sense of humor too! 

A comedic genius like Mindy could truly appreciate Aaron's unique talent for impersonations - modern day Presidents (Dubya, Clinton, Obama), ALL the Seinfeld characters, Larry David, every SNL character played by Will Ferrell, NPR talk show host Tom Ashbrook, sportscaster Marv Albert, Celtics' Tommy Heinsohn, NYPD Blue Detective Sipowicz... 

and Michael Jackson, including the dance moves (but no creepy slumber parties).

Our Overall "ManforMindy" Assessment:
Mindy, this man is an apple who would let you take a bite. Why not let him do you that way?


  1. Great pick for bachelor #1! He's good-looking and fun for sure! And that smile...Mindy, give him a shot!!

    1. Hmmm... thank you... but you besta back up off of Mindy's (potential) man!