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Thursday, November 5, 2015

I am not Mr. Robot

Dear Peeps,

There are multiple posts I've been meaning to write - still covering Why Not Me? Thanks to the awesome @madcharitable (aileenr on Instagram), I have even more data to consider.

In the meantime, a question I received from a reader was pretty amusing to me - whether I am able to write my creeptastic posts because I am a computer hacker? 

This is hysterical and impossible, although the staples of my wardrobe are hoodies. Plus I love society. I am not an anarchist or revolutionary. I am a mid-level muggle most reliable consumer of capitalist excess. I live for the excesses. I detest change. The ads you see on TV - they were made for me. I am the demographic. 

Stay tuned. Please feel free to email more inquiries to But please don't hack me.