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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why Not Me? Book Review

I have finished reading Why Not Me? 

Before the book was released, I wondered how it would compare to Mindy's best-selling Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns), which I loved. 

As with any other anticipated sequel, you don't want it to be a departure from what you loved about the original but it also shouldn't be a regurgitation. The more you love the source, the taller the order for what follows. 

I almost was preparing myself for Why Not Me? to be a letdown, assuming that Mindy's rising fame since the best-selling performance of her first book would make her more guarded, less vulnerable, less relateable and therefore less entertaining. 

I am pleased to announce that Why Not Me? was deeply satisfying. If you loved her first book, you're going to love her second. The voice is still familiar, as endearing, and surprisingly revealing - once again, Mindy Kaling is willing to wear her heart on her (now haute couture) sleeve to get you to like her, and when she does, you wind up loving her (unless you're a monster or the victim of unresolved childhood trauma).

When Mindy's first book debuted in 2011, I did not read it. I barely followed Mindy Kaling back then. I did not regularly watch The Office, although I'd be amused if I happened to catch snippets of the show in reruns. Somewhere between then and 2012, when The Mindy Project started airing on FOX, I started noticing Mindy more. From an admiration of her background and her accomplishments, sprung a desire to learn more - almost obsessively. This is not unlike the aftereffects of watching "Eminem - The E True Hollywood Story," except there hasn't been such an expose on Mindy Kaling (as far as I know). 

I can't tell you when exactly I became so fascinated with Mindy Kaling that I am now inspired to blog all about her - I, a notorious, blogging lothario, who has ardently gone through multiple blog domains only to abandon them after toying around with weak and inconsistent posting, have somehow managed to stick with this creepy little blog for a record showing (maybe to Ms. Mindy's chagrin). It can't last... but it sounds like love to me (at least the romcom kind). 

Why Not Me? is blogging gold from my muse herself. Theoretically, it deserves an individual blog post per chapter. Realistically, there are at least a couple of more posts about the book that I plan to write wielding my insane profiling abilities but with great responsibility (I got you girl). Stay tuned. 

Mindy Kaling's actual signature in a pre-autographed Why Not Me?

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