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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Mindy Project Season 4 Premiere: "While I Was Sleeping" - 9/15/2015

This was a fantastic start to the new season of The Mindy Project on Hulu. What a difference the extra five (?) minutes that the show gets on Hulu versus Fox makes!? I'm really feeling the show's new home.

I LOVED the guest stars (Regular Joe!!!!), the way the episode picked up right where last season's finale left off with Danny in India, the alternate reality, Mindy's parents (Sakina Jaffrey as Mindy's mom was a dream) - it was all thoroughly entertaining.

What I could have lived without - Mindy referring to herself as a "fat-ass." The other instances of self-deprecating humor, including "always being hungry," being mistaken for a Native-American man from behind because of her build and denim jacket, and her exchange leading into sitting on Freida Pinto, were very funny. 

The "fat-ass" line was superfluous however and also at odds with the "Unlikely Leading Lady" chapter of Mindy's new book Why Not Me? which I plan to review on this blog. 

Not to mention, I happened to glimpse her loveliness from a distance in the dark (not unlike a creeper) at her book tour discussion with Tina Fey (which was amazing and which I have not yet blogged about), and girlfriend is NOT FAT. I tell you, it's like that episode of the Twilight Zone where the freaky aliens made that gorgeous blonde believe she was hideous. Are we all a planet of freaky aliens to make Mindy Kaling feel like she is humongous when she is not? She's actually tiny in person. 

I love Mindy's writing. However, here's my unsolicited advice for Mindy when writing for the character she plays: if it would offend you coming from John Heilpern, then don't have Mindy Lahiri saying it. Even if you have another character say it, Mindy Lahiri should be schooling that dumb-ass. 

Also, what's up with the terrible caricature of Mindy Kaling that Vanity Fair insists on using - her nose does not look like that!? What the hell!?

P.S. Mindy, I know it couldn't possibly be, but when you dropped that Jason Derulo reference, I really did feel like it was for me

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