Mindy Kaling has beauty, brains and smashing success. Now, join us on our mission to find her Mr. Right and make the rom-com happy ending of her dreams come true!

She's Just A Girl, Standing In Front of a Boy, Asking Him To Love Her...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ice Cream Castles in the Air: One Single Gal Hopes for Prince Charming

Vera Mindy Chokalingam was born on June 24, 1979, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Avu, an architect (the designated rom-com profession of the "handsome, charming, successful man"* and psuedo career of George Costanza) and Dr. Swati Chokalingam (an accomplished ob/gyn, possibly the female Dr. Huxtable**).

*as noted by Mindy in her New York Times best-seller, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

** beloved 80's/pre-rapey-Cosby association 

*Not actually Mindy but as precious as she must have been.

A precocious child with a dark chocolate Punky Brewster face, Mindy shunned strangers after being scared shitless by Kimberly's kidnapping and the unrelated but also traumatizing Bicycle Man on Different Strokes
*Mindy childhood collage of happiness and dreams. Pics owned by Mindy's parents.

Ever the eternal optimist, Mindy dreamed of growing out her hair, picking out her own clothes and falling in love with an older college boy. Devastated by Sandy's death on Growing Pains, Mindy took solace in comedy. 

Comedy meant more than a good laugh. 

Comedy meant freedom - the night when she could finally stay up past curfew to watch SNL as it aired live from New York City and not in reruns on Comedy Central. Ironically, now she's too happening to bother. Shame on them for not actually getting Mindy to host yet!

Comedy meant friendship - "Wayne's World! Party Time! Excellent! Schwing!"

Comedy meant acceptance - through a powerful amulet she lost in a past life, Mindy cast a spell to become the most popular girl - and that shit worked!  

Rom-Comedy (with a smattering of sci-fi if it involved David Duchovny) meant love. The man of her dreams would make her feel like "Sally" not faking it for her very own dirty "Harry" (Billy not Clint) and would rival Colin (English to marry; Irish to screw/kill).   

Now, we're on a mission to cast the part of a lifetime. If you think you're the hero of Mindy's love story, comment here or email telling us why. Then we'll feature your profile here on this site. Who knows what may come of it? Would Mindy even take notice? Stranger things have been documented - like everyone knowing the Thriller choreography and actually joining Jennifer Garner in this scene of 13 Going on 30 (yes, that more so than the movie's base premise).


  1. I nominate myself! Tall, dark and ........ like the English BJ Novak. Mindy come get me!

    1. Iheartyou- could your description be any more perfect! We'd love to profile you! Email a pic and a brief bio to
      Question - What kind of first date would you take Mindy on?

    2. I am going to recommend ihearyouheartme. An example of an evening I spent with him we ate a box of Krispy Kreme and watched bad reality TV. I know Mindy would appreciate a night like that! Plus he's tall and British!

    3. Cheyanne, this is an awesome endorsement! Would you mind sharing for our readers why the love connection didn't work out for you with this delicious doughnut wielding man!?

  2. I live in Washington state and he in England and unfortunately not even a trail of doughnuts could get me that far and flights were getting expensive ! Still great friends though! I def approve of Mindy as a potential match.

    1. Well, your long distance love loss could be Mindy's gain! Get this British Prince Charming to submit his pic to us and we'll profile him along with your recommendation! By the way - what bad reality tv show was it? We're all about bad reality tv!

    2. The show is called Made in Chelsea ... Basically the Brit version of the Hills ... Actually right now Stephanie Pratt is even a cast member. I love bad reality TV :)