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Saturday, June 27, 2015

TMP-a-thon: Season 1: Episode 3 - "In the Club"

5 Golden Rings!

Strengths include:
  • Falling asleep during Amelie (which I've done) - "I had spilled so much red wine on myself that I thought for a second I had been shot."
  • "This is cream of oak."
  • "It roofies the roofie."
  • Nightclub high jinks of the entire gang
  • "Keep your racism voice down" and everything that preceded this.
  • Mindy's big dramatic moment in the doorway after entering the club.
  • Red wine with ice sangria substitute 
  • In the club "...What? ...What? ...What?" convo
  • Shauna responding to "Hermione liking Voldemort": "I don't know those words."
  • Danny's dancing
  • Danny and Shauna's dancing
  • Basketball player guest stars
  • Introduction of Josh, the sports attorney
  • Morgan's duffle bag, including the morning omelette eggbeater; working the bathroom and paying for bottle service with $37
  • Mindy rescuing Betsy from the creepy Ukranian and carrying her after her maxi-pad blue alcohol overdose 
  • Amar'e and Mindy's pashmina
  • "What my friend is trying to say is he has crazy diarrhea."

The pilot set up a friends with benefits dynamic between Mindy and Jeremy; it's fine to abandon this but weird to not acknowledge it even existed before moving on, especially in this setting.

*Post-review Note - As I'm watching more of Season 1, it seems episodes may have been aired out of order - WTF Fox??? This could explain things- as the Jeremy-Mindy coital relations were addressed in later episodes which may have been intended to be aired before this one "In The Club."

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