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Friday, July 24, 2015

Things I'd Like To See In TMP Season 4 - How Do You Solve A Problem Like Tamra

Let us pray.
I'd really like the writers to retool what they're doing with Tamra. 

To me, Tamra is just the token "other than Mindy" minority irregular. However, TMP Writers Team, and I say this with love and continued admiration for your strong work - none of you guys are black, right? I'm not saying you have to be, but EGADS is it obvious whenever Tamra opens her mouth. I feel I'm watching the composition of well-meaning white people who once had black best friends in kindergarten now with the liberty of working under a minority female showrunner who was probably considered the only black kid (other than Duante) growing up in her private school in Cambridge. 

I don't even have an issue with race-y humor. I love when Mindy fuels humor without shying away from being ethnically Indian. It's just tired when you have a basketball team and Tamra is dominating (contrast against the genius of The Office's "Basketball" episode; the Rayron reveal was similarly delightful). It would also be another thing if Tamra made me laugh - but no, she doesn't (save Glob!). 

I googled this to see if I was the only one and found this article which I thought was spot on.  

I recall that The Office producer Greg Daniel once said about Mindy Kaling as a writer: "She’s very original....If anything feels phony or lazy or pass√©, she’ll pounce on it.”

Mindala, that's all I'm asking for when it comes to Tamra. Thanks yo.

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