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Friday, April 3, 2015

Bachelor Number 2 - Oh Olly!

Move over Hugh, Colin, Prince Harry (though we love our gingers!)... there's a new British invader looking to conquer and colonize Mindy's heart (but in a civilized fashion with the best of intentions).

Here's Olly!

Doesn't he sound just darling? With a British accent, there's even a certain elegance to "super snake." 

Location: near London town, UK
Age - 38
Height - 6'3"
Weight - 190 lbs
Occupation - Full-Time Transport Coordinator (and Part-Time Ice Cream Connoisseur)

Zodiac Sign: Taurean who loves Rod Stewart and any Yacht Rock

Why Mindy should date Olly in his own words (this guy is hilarious):

Here are my "credentials" for your perusal (try to remain calm ladies)....

I believe I have all the attributes to sweep Mindy off her feet...

I am a white male - check
I have dark hair and brooding eyes - double check 
and (this is my killer move) I have an English accent, but think Hugh Grant not Austin Powers.

It's the classic Brit boy and Indian American chick romcom!  Our story is practically writing itself!

When I am not at work or eating ice cream (usually both at the same time), I like to volunteer at my local animal shelter, help elderly folks across the road and immerse myself in culture by getting down with some Shakespeare at the theatre.

WHEN Mindy steps of her private jet at London Heathrow she can be assured that I will be waiting to whisk her off on a magical first date that would include (but not limited to) a luncheon appointment with Her Majesty the Queen, a trip to Hogwarts to take in a Quidditch tournament, some sight seeing around Notting Hill and to round the day off we would head to that most classic location of all 'boy meets girl' movies - the ice rink, where any discomfort that Mindy felt would melt away the instant she felt my strong arms around her whisking her around the ice like a figure skating God.  

Adding a pic as requested:
One of me enjoying my passion:

Another of me trying to enjoy my country retreat - get off my land you terrible people).

Once again, I thank you for bringing Mindy and I closer together.

Instagram @green_nowhere

Our Overall "ManforMindy" Assessment
He's fun, he's funny and he's as delectable as the chocolates and ice creams with which he'd woo you.
But whether it's Pat Benatar or Mariah featuring Jay-Z singing it, this one's got heartbreaker written all over him!

Special thanks to our American emissary who endorsed this eligible suitor! - @cheyannejo